Sunday, September 20, 2009

MYB Round 11

I totally forgot to post pictures of what the lovely Kimberly sent me in the Magic Yarn Ball swap.
She sent two MYBs complete with two patterns. One for an Owl Dishcloth that I have already made and the other is for a Hermione Cabled Hat. I still need to purchase circular needles for the hat and I keep forgetting.


Full of all sorts of goodies, including the best gummy bears I have ever had (and they're vegetarian!) and the tiniest turtle that has become a friend for Goldie.




Goldie is only about 4 inches tall and the turtle is about the size of a quarter! I can't even imagine crocheting something that small! It's has gotten me somewhat obsessed with tiny things lately though. I think Goldie is going to need a proper home soon to house her new playthings!

DRT Update

It's been awhile since I've written. I am so bad about keeping this updated. Oh well.

Anyway, Dish Rag Tag is in full swing and my team is rockin'! We've been tied for second place with about half of the other teams pretty much since the beginning. BUT we just stolen the lead! Woohoo! Three more people need to get the box before it heads home to Emily, but I'm feeling more and more confident about it now! Our fearless leader, Amanda, has been incredible. My first DRT experience has been great thus far.

My one hesitation is that I'm going to hold up the team somehow as I have yet to receive the box. Enough with the negative and back to the positive...

Needling Ninjas are wickedly awesome and stealthy!!! And I'm happy to be one!