Sunday, August 31, 2008

PINK Infinity dress!

I've had a super productive crafty weekend. I've made quite a few birthday gifts and three...yes THREE new dresses for ME! Woohoo! I'm always making things for swaps and I rarely make anything for myself. So here are a few pictures of my favorite dress I made this weekend.



I used Rostitchery's tutorial.


Katie said...

Cute! Great job, what color are the other two, same dress? I'm impressed with how much you were able to get done this weekend! You were a craftin machine :).

imafundork said...

Thanks, Katie!

The first dress I made is the same, but it is orange polyester and too big. But it was a learning experience. ;)
And the other dress was a simple one seam rouched (?) dress that I bought the fabric ready to go at Joann's.

I also ended up making a circle skirt with a fold down waist band. It was super easy. I made it just like this dress, just minus the straps. I'll try and get a picture up soon. :)

keriw24 said...

I loved all your crafty goodies. I am a jealous sibling! You will have to teach me... plus I want to make the skirts and ruched (I looked up the spelling ;-)) dresses too. Poor you - you will have to hand hold me through the process.

You need to post more blog entries - especially now that my life is settling back down again and I will read them. Love ya! Keri