Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Only I would do something so silly...

I was good when I got home from work; I went straight into the studio and got right to work. I made a pattern for something new (a medium for 12 Days Swap) and sewed it up-two of them actually. I was excited because it seemed to work out perfectly on the first try. But I wanted to hand paint something on each one, and that had to wait until later. I wanted to get more sewing done before watching a little bit of tv. So I worked some more on a large item for 12 Days. I think I'll have that done tomorrow.
Eight o'clock rolled around and I decided to take my tv break. I busted out my paints and parked it on the floor by the coffee table and set out to work. I was so very pleased with my handiwork which was completely freehand when I realized I painted it (both actually) UPSIDE DOWN! Seriously...who does that?! ME! Only me! All I could do was laugh. I honestly think I'm going to send them that way. I may be able to modify them somehow. I don't know how, but I'm going to bring them to work tomorrow and get advice. I fear if I try doing it over, it won't be nearly as cute.

Update:73/78 items complete for hellobint (74 if I send this "oops!")

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Katie said...

No, not only you wold do that. I would and have been known to do things like that myself :). Usually there's a groan of disbelief before the laughter though. Mind sending me a pic?