Tuesday, December 2, 2008

A Bad Case of the Mondays

Yesterday afternoon, I went into the office to clock out for my break and the machine said, "This code has been deactivated, please see front desk." It was a little strange, but the same thing happened a few weeks ago and on the third try it let me clock out. I tried a second time and I got the same reply so I stuck my head into RA's office. Her reply was, "That's weird. You're still in the system." I told her I'd just keep an eye on the time and make sure I take an hour. When I went to sit down at Mindy's desk, RA called out to me to come see her for a moment.
When I went back into her office, I assumed she wanted to talk to me about the days I had requested off that morning. She started with, "I'm sorry..." I thought, "Darn! I'm not going to get January 2 off! Bummer...no Savannah for New Year's for me." But instead, she finished with, "I have to let you go."
WHAT?! Did I hear that right? Did I really just get fired? What did I do wrong? Nothing, I did nothing wrong. You hear of people getting laid off everyday, but you never expect it to be you. At least, I didn't anyway.
The school has been in financial trouble since shortly after I started working there a year and a half ago. I think I'm now the fifth person to be laid off, with a few others quiting. Two more students got pulled from the school for December and another one was put to part time. And apparently, there are a lot of bills that are past due. The only thing left to do was let someone go. RA chose to let me go, out of our staff of ten, because I was the highest paid assistant. And to think, I often complained about how poorly I was paid...
I'm not that upset about it. Sure, it's come at horrible time. It's not going to be fun being jobless at the holidays. But I wasn't truly happy at the school anyway. This is just God giving me a swift kick in the butt to find something I love. Now, I can chase after a career I would really enjoy. I just have to figure out what exactly that is...

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Keri said...

It's all about being creative in a time like this - there are ways to make money. I've had to get creative, my office had to get creative. I know you will come out the better for it. You, my sister, are a survivor and have all of our support. Love you.