Sunday, January 25, 2009


My new year's resolution is to destash in 2009. I have way more stuff than any one person needs. This includes clothing, movies, music, books and CRAFT supplies. So, I've been selling things on ebay, donating to thrift stores and crafting like mad. ;) My other resolution was to make at least one new project a week; so 52 for the year. I believe I'm up to 11 projects done and there's still another week left in January! There are a few craft-alongs over at Craftster that are helping me along with my goals. There's a Destash-along, Color Craftalong, 50 Projects in a Year, and Holiday Handmade Crusade. The ladies at Craftster are so encouraging. It's nice to know that there are people out there working towards your same goals. I've posted some pics over there already and will try to get some up over here soon.

Wow...two posts in one night...I wonder how long it'll be until I post again... ;)

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