Monday, January 11, 2010

Locks of Love!

Locks of Love!
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This is a delayed post...but aren't they all?!

I've spent the last year or so growing my hair out again. I had contemplated cutting it many times, but couldn't justify spending the money on it. I've been spoiled since moving to Fort Myers in 2005 and have been going to a super nice salon and spending way too much on hair cuts/color. Since 2009 was a financially tight year for me, I just let my hair grow and kept the color natural. Oh how I miss the red though!

After getting Roslyn (my Blythe) back in November, I had seriously considering cutting me hair to reroot her ( me!), but decided to donate the hair to Locks of Love instead. I couldn't seem to justify using my hair for a doll when it could go to a person who needs it.

I made an appointment for Dec. 23 and had 12 inches cut off. I have donated once before (Nov. 2007- 14 inches). So in total I have donated 26 inches in twenty-five months....not bad!

If you ever have to opportunity to donate your hair, I encourage you to do so. The drastic change in one's look is refreshing and you'll most likely get a free haircut!

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Katie said...

Love the short(er) hair! Looked through some of the other pics on Flicker. Looks so great! I've decided to grow my hair out since I can never afford to cut it anyway :).