Monday, January 18, 2010

Road to Spring Quilt-a-long

I was bad today. I purchased five yards of fabric and have only sewn about three yards so far this year. But how could I resist these lovely pink and brown prints?! I have justified my purchase since I will be using the fabric right away for the Road to Spring Quilt-a-long. I also will be using some pink stashed there will be some destashing involved!

But on the bright side, I walked by the yarn department without even pausing! I wouldn't allow myself to even peek over there.


Katie said...

Love the large graphic flowers and the bee hive fabric is fantastic! Where'd you find your loveliness? Good luck with the quilt! I decided I don't have the time to commit to that one right now. I would like to try my hand at you said great stash buster, well potentially ;). Maybe in a few months when my littlest mister is a bit older :).

Sara said...